Great attention has been paid to consistently developing the HighPerformance 2.5. Test results and the experience of Achim Heukemes over the course of various international ultramarathons and cross-continental races have resulted in a considerable increase in the comfort and durability of the shoe.


  • Reflectors
    Particular attention was paid to the runner being seen clearly at dusk or in the dark.
    The network of reflectors covering the entire shoe works like a giant cat’s eye: if light from a vehicle’s headlamps falls onto the shoe, you cannot miss the runner.
  • The lacing system of the HighPerformance 2.0 means the shoe fits your foot perfectly, taking both a high instep and a flatter instep into consideration. The more solid shaft also offers more support for the runner and ensures a snug fit.
  • The breathable uppers ensure that superfluous warmth and moisture are quickly channelled away from the foot to the outside.

  • Triangular-shaped elements
    To ensure you do not lose contact with the floor and have sufficient grip on every terrain, BÄR developed special triangular-shaped elements. The advantage: outstanding traction and good self-cleaning soles on all surfaces.

  • Snug fit thanks to the TPU midfoot chassis. The chassis offers support for the arch and stability for the whole foot.

  • The generous toe zone of the HighPerformance 2.5 is as unique as it is innovative in the running shoe sector and has been a central component of the BÄR philosophy for 25 years.

  • Grooves for maximum shock absorption absorb a large proportion of the force of impact when the shoe hits the ground.

The sole

The Endurance sole with triangular-shaped elements is a BÄR innovation. The lightweight PU combined with a sturdy TPU chassis mean this shoe is highly flexible whilst at the same time ensuring a snug fit to make sure you do not go over on your ankle when walking. The individual components of the sole are put together by hand.